Sharing biological data why, when, and how

Authors: Samantha L Wilson, Gregory P Way, Wout Bittremieux, Jean-Paul Armache, Melissa A Haendel, Michael M Hoffman

Publication date: 2021/04/01

Journal: FEBS Letters

Volume: 595

Issue: 7

Pages: 847-863

Publisher: FEBS Press

URL Link: Sharing biological data: why, when, and how

Abstract: Data sharing is an essential element of the scientific method, imperative to ensure transparency and reproducibility. Researchers often reuse shared data for meta-analyses or to accompany new data. Different areas of research collect fundamentally different types of data, such as tabular data, sequence data, and image data. These types of data differ greatly in size and require different approaches for sharing. Here, we outline good practices to make your biological data publicly accessible and usable, generally and for several specific kinds of data.