Welcome to the Wilson Pregnancy Lab!

We are an 'omics research group with an emphasis on genomics, epigenomics, and transcriptomics. Our goal is to develop non-invasive methods to predict pregnancy complications before they occur, and to understand the cause of placental dysfunction. We work in the fields of genomics, computational biology, and reproduction.

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Welcome to the Wilson Pregnancy Lab!

Wilson Pregnancy Lab Updates

2024-07-11. Melanie and Keaton will be presenting their most recent work at the upcoming International Federation of Placenta Associations Meeting in Montreal, September 2 - 6th, 2024.

2024-06-03. The lab has received a New Frontiers in Research Exploration Grant to develop cellular models of placental dysfunction using placenta-on-a-chip model in collaboration with Dr. Boyang Zhang and Dr. Sandy Raha.

2024-05-15. Congratulations to Mel for winning best oral presentation by a graduate student at this year’s R.T Weaver Research Day!

2024-04-12. Melanie and Keaton will be presenting their recent work at the upcoming RT Weaver Research Day on May 15th 2024.

2024-04-11. Congratulations to Ananya for successfully defending her 4th year thesis project looking at sex differences in cell-free DNA!

2024-04-10. Congratulations to Keaton and Natalie for being accepted the the Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. They will be starting their Graduate work in the lab this fall!

2024-04-01. Congratulations to Melanie for being awarded a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Masters Student Award (CGS-M)!

2024-03-19. Melanie will be presenting her work investigating the relationship between placental DNA methylation changes and IVF at McMaster University’s Medical Science Research Day.

2024-03-16. Sam will present Laiba and Keaton’s work at the 2024 Society of Reproductive Investigation Meeting in Vancouver Canada. The poster presentation is titled “Maternal Immune Cell Composition Differs with Preeclampsia.”

2024-03-01. The lab has received a CIHR Operating Grant: Data Analysis Using Existing Databases and Cohorts to investigate sex-specific predictive models of preeclampsia using cell-free DNA.

2024-02-28. Congratulations to our Undergraduate Students, Keaton Smith and Spring Wang, for defending their honours theses!