Welcome to the Wilson Pregnancy Lab!

We are an ‘omics research group with an emphasis on genomics, epigenomics, and transcriptomics. Our goal is to develop non-invasive methods to predict pregnancy complications before they occur, and to understand the cause of placental dysfunction. We work in the fields of genomics, computational biology, and reproduction.

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Welcome to the Wilson Pregnancy Lab!

Wilson Pregnancy Lab Updates

2023-05-01. Welcome to the new Wilson Pregnancy Lab members! Keaton and Simon will be joining the lab as coop students, and Natalie will be continuing in the lab as a coop student. Laiba will be joining the lab for the summer to gain computational skills for her indpendent learning course. Check out the team page to learn more about their projects.

2023-04-14. Congratulations to Mehroop for winning best thesis presentation in her session at the Biology Undergraduate Research Day!

2023-04-13. Ahmed and Mehroop present their fourth year theses at the Biochemistry Undergraduate Research Day and Biology Research Day, respectfully.

2023-03-24. Sam is a speaker at the Society of Birth Defects Research and Prevention Meeting that will be in Charleston, SC, USA, June 24 - 28th, 2023. Her talk is titled “Epigenomic Techniques and Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Pregnancy Complications.”

2023-03-23. Sam is co-author on a paper titled “Characterization of methylation profiles in spontaneous preterm birth placental villous tissue”